Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If you're bored...

you might want to read these:

Here is an excellent op-ed piece I found in the LEO by Dee Davis, the director of the Center for Rural Strategies in Whitesburg, KY, on Democratic candidate for president John Edwards' recent trip to Appalachia. It first aired on NPR the before Edwards arrived in Kentucky.

And then there's this monument to colossal stupidity, by Frank Lockwood, the Bible Belt Blogger. Evidently, even though no one yet knows what the hell the Emergent church is, Frank Pastore, my new nominee for the idiot-of-the-month club, thinks that they're aiding and abetting al Qaeda.


Anonymous said...

I could have gone all year without following that idiotic link to the Pastore piece, Sandman. There's just so much wrong with it that I don't know where to begin, and I know that I don't have time or energy to begin anyway. Curse you!

I've heard of Lockwood, but never visited his blog. Is he posting this piece because he thinks it's especially good? Or especially bad? Or what? Why is Lockwood relaying this?

Sandalstraps said...


Frank Lockwood is a religion reporter, formerly with the Lexington Hearld Leader, now with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I'm certain he isn't posting it because he agrees with it, though as he sees himself pricipally as a religion reporter, he tries his best simply to report. Given, however, that he titled his post "If churches have cappucino machines, the terrorists win," I'll bet that he is having a laugh at both Frank Pastore and the rather nebulous "Emergent church."

In other words, this looks like Frank Lockwood's idea of a good time.

Liam said...

Fox News suggested, apparently, that nationalized health care in Britain led to the recent attempted terrorist attacks there. Pastore suggests that the "Emergent church" aids Al Queda.

I am happy now that anything someone doesn't like becomes ipso facto helping terrorism. I would like to nominate the following terrorist enablers:

1. The badly functioning number one subway line.
2. Soundtracks featuring lame ballads by Bryan Adams.
3. That flea-collar ad featuring the singing puppy.
4. The fact that it isn't pomegranate season.