Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Before Sami and I had Adam, we had our animals, and they are as much a part of the family as anyone. Late Sunday night, one of our two precious cats (the friendly one, not the autistic one - yes, my wife, who works with autistic children all day every day, claims we have an autistic cat), "Elise," or, as I call her, "Knucklehead," disappeared. Here is my favorite picture of her, taken one Christmas as we were putting the boxes away:

And here she is balancing on my feet one night before bed:

"Knucklehead," if you're out surfing the 'Net, know that we miss you! And come home soon, before we really start to worry.

In other news, we'll be taking our annual pilgrimage to Holden Beach, NC, later this week, so I may not blog for a while. We're leaving the 'Ville on Thursday, and won't get back until next Friday, at which point I'll be starting a six day a week summer class, which should take up most of my time.


crystal said...

She looks a lot like my cat, Kermit (minus Kermit's curly ears). I hope she comes back soon.

Anonymous said...

What an awful feeling. Our older cat, Chloe, escaped in the dead of winter one time and was gone for three days. What worked for us was setting a bowl of her food out on our front porch-- once we did that, she came back within minutes. You might try doing that.