Friday, July 06, 2007

Future Astronomers of America

This morning the moon was still visible over St. Louis (we're visiting my grandparents here in the home of the arch) when Adam got up. He looked at the sky for a long time, puzzling over something. Finally he turned to me, pointed up, and asked,

Daddy, what 'dat is?

That's the moon, Adam.

He looked at it a moment longer, and the turned to me, and said,

No, Daddy. 'Dat's a rock.


Anonymous said...

Careful-- talk like that in ancient Athens would get Adam sentenced to death. So you'd better keep him out of ancient Athens!

Amy said...

Beautiful. Did I tell you I spent a summer living in the Sunday School wing of a Methodist Church in St Louis? It's a vibrant and exciting city. I hope your visit goes well.