Friday, November 10, 2006

New Link, and New Sidebar

Tyler at Habakkuk's Watchpost introduced me to God in a Shrinking Universe an interesting blog by Finnish theologian Patrik Hagman. While he is working on a PhD on a Patristic mystic, his work on Paul Tillich's Systematic Theology seems most interesting to me. So I've added a link to his blog on my sidebar, replacing my beloved Lost on Twin Earth. (Why, Brian, why?!? *sobbing uncontrollably, head in hands*)

While I was updating my sidebar, I decided to add a new category: Sandalstraps on the Problem of Pain. As you may remember, in August and September I had a bit of a theodicy fetish. After having looked those posts over with a little bit of time between composition and re-reading, I almost like them, which is really saying something. Generally, as soon as I'm done writing something, I hate it. I have to force myself to post it. I can see all of its limitations, all of its flaws, and none of its virtues. Time passes. I read it again, and am surprised that it is almost but not quite passable. After, oh, maybe a year, I can almost like it.

So, since I already almost like some of the posts from my theodicy phase, I've decided to make them a part of my sidebar, enshrining them next to my commentaries on the culture wars. If you haven't yet read them, and have even a slight interest in the subject (and more than a little bit of time, since I can't even say my name in a couple of paragraphs!) I recommend you check them out. And I certainly recommend checking out God in a Shrinking Universe.

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