Thursday, November 16, 2006

John Yarmuth interviewed by the "liberal rag" he founded

Still recovering from the twin shocks of the election (Democrats take back the House and Senate, Louisville sends John Yarmuth to Washington), I thought I'd post a link here for anyone as stunned as me. Here is an interview of Congressman elect Yarmuth by Cary Stemle, the man who took over for him at the helm of the LEO, an unapologetically "liberal" piece of media he founded.

While, as the article notes, it is too early to tell "[w]hether the outcome [of the election that will send Yarmuth to Washington] was a fluke, a lucky stroke of timing as the body politic hurled a collective primal scream at President Bush; whether it derived from general dissatisfaction with an incumbent who'd outstayed her welcome; or whether it really signifies that Louisville truly endorses a progressive like John Yarmuth," it is safe to say that Yarmuth's defeat of Northup without any help from the KDP (Kentucky Democratic Party) and without much help from the DCCC - who got involved in the race only after it became apparent that Yarmuth would win - counts as big news around here.

So, if you're a Louisvillian trying to understand how a five term incumbent can get beat by the founder of an "out of touch" liberal news magazine that is literally given away for free, you really ought to read this interview. And, if you live outside the 'Ville, perhaps this taste of local politics will help you place the national elections in some kind of context.

Either way, this should be an interesting read, and I highly recommend it.

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