Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Early Morning Conversation

On Friday Adam went to Lexington to stay with my parents, his “Ma” and “Pops,” so that Sami and I could for once pretend to be adults. We had so much fun eating dinner at a Mongolian grill that we forgot to go to a movie. Who knew that, after over five years of marriage, all we really needed to do was talk to each other?

When Adam stays with Ma and Pops, however, he comes back changed, his routine altered, his natural rhythm off. So he got up early this morning, and joined us in our bed.

“Adam, is it light outside, or dark outside?”

Dark outside! Dark outside!

“So, does that mean that it is daytime, or nighttime?”


“And what do we do at night?”

Sleep! We sleep!

“So what are we going to do right now?”

Play tennis outside?!?

A boy can hope, can’t he?

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