Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Palm Sunday Reading

If you didn't make it to church today, or if your sermon left something to be desired, you can always check out PamBG's Palm Sunday message. It's a good one, doing us the valuable service of undoing almost two thousand years of sanitizing to point out just how dangerous the Gospel is.

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Aric Clark said...

Hey there,

I'm a student at San Francisco Theological Seminary, an Inquirer in the PCUSA (hopefully soon to be a candidate!) and a blogger. I'm trying to forge some connections with seminarians at the other PCUSA schools around the country. It's a small little community the church sometimes is and I think it would be great if we could make more friends at a national scale.

Please come to my blog and if you find anything of interest there, lets link to one another's sites. In the near future I hope to start a 'theology forum' where students from each of the seminaries can tackle current topics on their blogs and have an open debate.