Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's Up, Mama?

This is Sami, guest blogging for Chris, who has been having trouble with his asthma today. Adam did some cute stuff this evening, and we want to dote on him a bit even though Chris is out of commission.

Adam's new phrase for today was What's up, Mama?

I was standing in the kitchen looking in the fridge for something for dinner. Adam walked in and said,

What's up, Mama?

I said,

Adam, I'm trying to find something to make for dinner.

He said,

Dat's OK, Mama!

and walked out of the room. He came back a few minutes later and said again,

What's up, Mama?

So I said,

I'm still trying to find something to make for dinner.

He looked at me with a very concerned look on his face, shook his head a little, and said,

Don't worry about it, Mama.

and walked out of the room again.

I've noticed he often notices when I get stressed. He noticed that I was seeing that there weren't many options to make for dinner. His "What's up?" was more than just "What are you doing?" It was "How are you doing? You seem a little stressed." His "Don't worry about it" was more insightful than I'd expect from a two-year-old.

Later, we were sitting at the table during dinner, and while I was yawning he said,

What's up, Mama?

I replied,

Adam, I'm tired.

Then I said,

What's up, Adam?

He said,

Ummm.... Idunnowe. (which means, "I don't know.")
Uhhh... I hear airplane!

Finally, to end the evening, Chris had tried to work out for us while we were finishing up our meal. He had not been feeling well and usually exercising helps him feel better. He was having trouble breathing, and was trying to prove to us and to himself that he could still do some movement with his body. He doesn't give up well. He doesn't take a break well. He doesn't allow himself to be sick. He must always be strong, and always show that strength - particularly to Adam.

So exercising in front of Adam this evening was partially to show him, "Look at Daddy. Look at what Daddy can do. Daddy is a giant." (One of Adam's favorite books is My Daddy is a Giant.) But, Chris wasn't able to get through his first exercise in the series of exercises, and was pained, downtrodden, saddened by this. So Adam asked,

What wrong with Daddy?

And I explained to him that Daddy was sad. And I mentioned that Daddy might need a hug. So Adam immediately jumped up from the table, ran to find Chris, and wrapped himself around his thighs - as high as he can reach on him - and said,

Daddy don't feel well. My take care of Daddy.

Sami =)


PamBG said...

Thanks, Sami. I do enjoy reading about Adam even though I don't respond to those posts often. How many times can you say "Awwww?" :-)

I hope Chris feels better soon and that he takes care of himself.

crystal said...

Hi Sami - it's good to finally meet you :-)