Saturday, June 02, 2007

Overheard in the Bath Tub...

Adam's taking a bath right now. When he takes a bath, he's given to talking to himself. Sometimes he rattles on endlessly and you can't hardly understand a word that he's saying. He has a pretty goood vocabulary, especially for a two-year-old. But, he is just two, and his articulation is a little imprecise. The faster he talks, the harder he is to understand. The more excited he gets, the faster he talks. You get the idea.

Sometimes when he talks to himself he starts to recite his favorite books from memory. Sometimes he just makes stuff up. Sometimes he lists his favorite things. Tonight he was naming. He went through a list of some of his favorite things, and named them. He also named family members. Toward the end of his rant, Sami heard him say

Mama name Sami!
Daddy name Chris!
Bear name Bear!

Then he turned to Sami, and said,

Mama, what Bear name is?

To which Sami said something like, "Well... I know a bear named Winnie the Pooh."

Adam said, as proper as can be,

No Mama. Bear name Bear.

That was that. I have no idea who Bear is, but I know that "Bear name Bear."

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