Friday, December 22, 2006

What the Bible Isn't

Patrik at God in a Shrinking Universe is asking us what the Bible isn't. His post is an indirect response to this post by T.B. Vick, but mostly it's just great fun. Check it out, and leave a comment!

Here's the comment I left:

My favorite comes from the movie Saved. A character, after literally getting hit over the head with a thrown Bible, picks it up off the ground, dusts it off, and says in a pitiable voice to her attacker:

"This is not a weapon, you idiot!"

Aside from not being a weapon, the Bible is also not a self-help book.

So, as Patrik asks, "What other things can you think of that the Bible is not?"

And please remember to leave a comment there, not just here. As Patrik started this, he deserves the fruit of his labor.

1 comment:

Patrik said...

Well, T.B. Vick started it, I just took it to the next level...

Great suggestion btw.