Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Blogging Break

Writing, it turns out, is a solitary enterprise. Sure, many of us writers so shamelessly seek public approval through our work. But the act of creation itself is done in private, with no audience. I suppose like laws and sausages, it is best not to witness how a written work was manufactured.

I've fallen into a bit of a routine with my writing, using the moments of scheduled solitude spread out about my day to "work," writing for this blog or for any other project that temporarily demands my attention. But this holiday season has thrown that schedule off.

Sami has a couple of weeks off work, and Adam has a couple of weeks free from the tyranny of preschool, so I no longer have my lonely mornings spent with nothing better to do than peck at this obnoxious keyboard, which never fails to misrepresent my thoughts almost entirely. As such, it's been a little while since I've written anything worth writing. If this season holds to form it may be quite a while still until I have a sufficient measure of loneliness to do some decent writing.

In the meantime, a couple of updates:

On Friday I had my cast removed. You don't know fear until you've had a lunatic apply a circular saw to your wrist. But the wrist remains attached, and thankfully the fiberglass which once surrounded it now sits in a dumpster behind a doctor's office, waiting to torment some other sad fool who lost their fight against both gravity and reflexive stupidity.

Now begins the slow and painful process of remembering how to use this worthless limb. Not only has it atrophied, but it also has both

a.) a fair amount of scar tissue in the joint, and

b.) a new permanent addition, a screw that holds the bone together.

In the face of these twin obstacles, my darling wife with her degree in physical therapy (and another in psychology, so she can always fix what ails me) tells me that it moves quite well. Of course, I never thought that getting my hand to move no more than an inch in any direction would count as victory, but I'll take it.

However, every victory - no matter how small - comes with its own setbacks. I guess that's the universe's way of balancing the ledger. Now that I've got my hand back I've picked up the stomach bug that's been circulating Adam's preschool. So, instead of writing something deep and insightful, I'm off to test the recuperative powers of Ginger Ale, saltine crackers, and Sami's homemade tofu-noodle soup, a vegetarian alternative to the miraculous chicken noodle soup, made with a vegetable broth base and tofu instead of chicken. No bird should have to part with its life just because the contents of my stomach are bouncing around like an obese belly dancer.


crystal said...

Hope you feel better soon, and have a great Christmas.

Chappy said...

It's better than penguin noodle soup.
Man, you've never seen angry until you see a penguin whose noodle you've attempted to harvest for soup. Bad scary stuff there children. Lady in the Water bad, American Idol bad. Just plain bad.

Amy said...

My favorite part of the post-cast experience would have to be the thick layers of dead skin that peel off like dried elmer's glue. My foot looked like a lizard when I got my cast off.

PamBG said...

Hope the recovery goes well and have a blessed Christmas.

Liam said...

"like laws and sausages, it is best not to witness how a written work was manufactured" -- That's great.

My dearest's African remedy for any kind of bug is pepper soup and ginger tea. Pepper soup involves mass animal death, but ginger tea is simple. Entirely grate a big piece of ginger and boil it for some time. Strain and serve the tea with lots of honey. It's truly vile, but it will cure you of anything. I promise.

Hope you recover soon and I wish you, Sami, and Adam a magnificent Christmas.

Sandalstraps said...

How can I thanks such wonderful well-wishers?!?

Merry Christmas to all, of course, even if unbeknownst to our culture warriors that phrase is decidedly secular in origin.


You can assure the penguins that none of their kind shall ever be harmed for my soups. Fear the penguin.


My foot looked like a lizard when I got my cast off.


I felt like a leper for the first couple of days, leaving pieces of me wherever I went.


Sometimes I think that the best home remedies, such as your dearest's ginger tea, work almost like threats against your body: get better, or you'll have to taste this again!

Crystal and PamBG,

While you didn't say anything funny this time, I deeply appreciate your wishing me well. It always helps to know that people care, and are praying for you.