Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No Comment

On of the unintended consequences of my recent switch to Blogger beta is that, at least for the moment, I can leave comments on non-beta blogs. So, if any of you are wondering why, in the past week, I haven't been commenting on some of your posts - posts which in some cases should have inspired good comments from me - that's why. As soon as Blogger gets its collective act together and solves the glitch which keeps beta bloggers from commenting on non-beta blogs, I'll happily resume my treasured correspondence with you through your blogs.


Brian Cubbage said...

That's odd. The problem certainly doesn't work the other way, as the recent comments from non-betas like myself show.

(By the way, does all this "beta" talk make anyone else feel like we're stuck in _Brave New World_?)

At any rate, I haven't made any new blog posts in a long time, so your absence from the ranks of commenters hasn't hurt anything. I don't know, frankly, when I will have the time or the motivation to resume blogging. We will have to see.

Liam said...

I've been having the same problem -- I just sign in as "other" -- not "the other," in a postcolonial sense, but then again, who knows?