Friday, September 29, 2006

An Early Morning Adamism

Fall crept up on us, taking us by surprise last night. While it hadn't felt like summer in a few weeks, we were still basking in the 72 and sunny that I played tennis in on Tuesday, and didn't bother to check the weather before we went to bed last night. Consequently, no heat. Just before dawn I heard Adam whimpering in his room across the hall. He'd escaped from the fierce clutches of his blanket, only to find that there is something worse than the tyranny of restricted movement.

I picked him up and carried him into our bedroom to warm up. He huddled with us under the blankets for a while. Then, after he'd had all the snuggles he could stand, he got up and started running around on top of the bed. Finally finished stomping our sleepy limbs - there is a cost to bringing a boy into your bed! - he stopped and looked out the window, just as the sun was rising over the trees in our front yard.

He started jumping up and down, pointing, gesticulating wildly, and shrieking the exuberant shriek of youth. Slow down, Adam. What is it? He gathered himself, took a deep breath, and said, clearly,

Outside... sun... LIGHTS ON!

What a way to describe the sunrise!

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