Sunday, February 19, 2006

Join the Conversation

The good folks at Habakkuk's Watchpost are having a discussion about my post, Scriptural Evidence For the Trinity?. Since I've been participating in that discussion/defending myself against accusations that I'm not a Christian, I haven't had or made the time to write another "real" post. One's coming, I promise. In the meantime, if you're bored, join the conversation.


Tyler Simons said...

I suggest you do. Sandalstraps, in the 18th comment, lays the smack-down on a wayward classmate of mine like nobody's business.

Brian Cubbage said...

That's indeed a smackdown. Chris, you have the makings of a great litigator-- I would hate to go up against you in a closing argument!

I did my own feeble part to "represent" at the original post on Tyler's blog that got the brouhaha going. I stand by my earlier remark at your blog, Chris-- I think that we see eye to eye on this point, but I just put it a different way. All the more reason not to sweat a precise way of putting things too much, eh?

Sandalstraps said...

Yep. I agree.