Thursday, December 04, 2008

Music, Music, I Hear Music...

Today I went to my final seminary class. I'm not done with my degree yet, mind you; I still have to finish the albatross, I mean, Thesis. But I'm now done with all of my classes.

To celebrate, tonight I'm going out with a buddy to see my all time favorite band, King's X, who by happy coincidence or divine providence are playing in Louisville tonight, at the Phoenix Hill Tavern.

This morning Adam and I - anticipating tonight's concert - listened to King's X (taste in music must be a genetic inheritance, he loves them, too!) on the way to that fateful final class. He's joined me in class every Tuesday and Thursday this semester, becoming a kind of seminary mascot. When we leave, I swear, he'll be missed far more than me.

Anyway, listening to King's X in the car, I decided to tell him what I'm doing tonight.

Hey buddy, I said. Guess what. Tonight, King's X is going to be in Louisville, and I'm going to go see them!

Wow, Daddy! Are you going to play with them?

No, buddy, I replied, laughing at the absurdity of his question. I don't get to play with King's X!

Why not, Daddy? You play with Tom.

Something tells me that if King's X ever decided, in some fit of artistic whateverness, to get a violinist or mandolin player, they could do just a little bit better than me.

But, just once, I'd love to be able to see myself the way Adam sees me.

One of our favorite books to read at night is My Daddy is a Giant. Perhaps we both go to bed with the same dream, that somehow I can really be like the giant-Daddy in that book.

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Amy said...

Congratulations. Going to your last seminary class is a damn good feeling, isn't it :)