Friday, October 24, 2008


What Would Jesus Brew?

That's the question that emerges from CNN's coverage of the 27th Great American Beer Festival. The article - like anything from CNN - barely skims the surface, but it is a decent exploration of the delightful mixture of beer and religion, a topic I (whose favorite beers are brewed by Beligian monks!) much appreciate.

I have to agree with the Beer Advocate forum commenter who said that Jesus wouldn't brew anything... he'd just turn water into beer.

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Liam said...

But what kind of beer would he make? I would say Guinness.

In Utah, where there are a surprising number of very good microbreweries, one (Wasatch Brewing Company) enjoys poking fun at the local dominant culture. They have a beer called "St. Provo Girl" and another called "Polygamy Porter." The motto for the former is "take one home for the wives."