Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog Update

I will once again be taking an indefinite blog hiatus, as all of my energies at present are being devoted to:

a.) family, and

b.) my thesis.

The thesis is in need of major work, and is due by December.

The family is also in a time of transition, as Sami, Adam and I are once again expecting a new baby. I haven't blogged on the pregnancy yet, because, as you know, it comes after a miscarriage, and, as you don't yet know, it has been complicated. This has thus far been a high-risk pregnancy, but thankfully, as it progresses, the risk has been minimized.

However, with so much work to do on the thesis, with caring for Adam and being with Sami through this physically and emotionally trying pregnancy, I simply can't keep up with this blog. I will undoubtedly keep putting some thoughts together here from time to time - especially if something from the thesis can be edited down for this format. But such posts may well be infrequent at best.


PamBG said...

Many blessings on both your family and thesis.

Garpu said...

Understand about the thesis bit...hugs and prayers on the pregnancy!

Liam said...

I really understand -- I'm happy about the pregnancy and will keep you guys in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! And I understand the blog hiatus. I've been on one since June or so because of my new job and my extracurricular church responsibilities. It's been pretty heavy lifting, but it's going pretty well.

Hiatus away, and I hope to talk to you soon about how things are going!

Amy said...

Blessings on all of you, and I`ll be keeping you in my prayers. I`d love to see your thesis when you`re ready to show it off!

crystal said...

Congratulations on the baby, and good luck with the thesis :)