Friday, February 29, 2008

Democrats Play the Fear Card, Too

I saw this new add from the Hillary Clinton campaign, at Political Base.

So, which candidate is using Karl Rove's playbook?


Sandalstraps said...


I have now removed your ill-informed, paranoid, and quite possibly racist comment TWICE.

Please do not leave it again.

I have no intention of conversing with you on the subject of Barack Obama's church.

Sandalstraps said...


I rarely delete comments, but when I do they stay deleted. And those who find their comments deleted twice are not welcome to participate in further discourse here. I couldn't possibly care less what you think about that. I'm not here for your approval, and I stand not in need of your hasty, arrogant, condescending judgment.

If you comment here again, I will delete it. If you insist on commenting, I will employ comment moderation.

You are not welcome here, and will be treated (like Jazzycat) as a troll if you wish to return.