Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's a Hypocrite? You Don't Say!

I'm taking a brief break from writing my final papers of the semester (pant, pant...) this fine Mother's Day to note this:

Perhaps science is most useful when it rigorously demonstrates what anyone with half a brain and a little bit of all too uncommon common sense already knew. Like, say, that Fox News' hyper-personality Bill O'Reilly, despite his fabled "No Spin Zone," employs a great deal of what could charitably be described as "spin."

The LEO, Louisville's alternative news weekly, pointed me to this study by Indiana University's Journalism Department, which found (shock of all shocks) that O'Reilly not only puts some serious spin on the news, but in fact employs all of the tools identified by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA for short) as "propaganda devices."

What next? A scientific study that shows that Bill Clinton has a loose relationship with the truth?

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Anonymous said...

"Next up: Scientists say sun rises in east, sets in west. What will this mean for Paris Hilton's quest to stay out of jail?"