Tuesday, August 29, 2006


For whatever reason, we Americans are always looking for the newest, the brightest, the most advanced technology. We are forever falling for clever marketing with bells, whistles, and other techno-gadgets that we don't need and never wanted. Hopefully I'm not about to prove that I'm just another American foolishly chasing some techno-fad.

As you can see, I have redecorated the place. While not everything is exactly where it needs to go, the chances are less-than-subtle and more-than-cosmetic. Perhaps my blog is having a mid-life crisis.

Anyway, I've decided, perhaps brainwashed by the Blogger/Google brain trust, to "upgrade" to Blogger beta. As soon as I figure out how to make this new way of blogging fit my basic needs, it should be much easier to navigate this site. I'm particularly pleased with the archiving here, which is why I chose to make the switch.

So please bare patiently with me as I clumsily knock down a few cyber-walls, temporarily exposing the virtual-plumbing.


Tom said...

I feel ya, but I'm not going BETA. I do tweak my site quite often. I'm just too attached to my overly visually stimulating sidebar to dare try to mess with my blog. Maybe if I get really bored later. Who knows?

Brian said...

Way to step out there! Being a computer programmer, I like to see people get brave and go for a change; keeps me employed and is supposed to make life easier. Like the color scheme too!