Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can't Escape Abortion (no matter how hard I try)

A lively debate on abortion at Habakkuk's Watchpost (which was wisely killed by the powers that be, as it was getting a wee bit testy) has found its way here. As such, for those poor souls who actually enjoy debating the moral and legal value of abortion, there are new comments on my abortion post from December, Boldly Going Where No Man Ought to Go. If you can't resist getting sucked into a debate that never goes anywhere, leave a comment on that post.


Brian Cubbage said...

One simple way to resist getting sucked into an aimless debate is simply not to get sucked into it. I just wrote a post over at my blog about why one might want to do that.

Sandalstraps said...


Thanks. I included a link to your post in my final comment on abortion (which I hope shuts down the inane discussion), but I'm going to link to it here, as well.

I think that you are right that some conversational methods are so rude on their face that the ruke out the possiblility of civil discourse, and should be stopped even if it means being rude back.