Friday, May 05, 2006

Migraine Madness

We've reached Kentucky Oaks Day (here in Louisville time this season is marked by the Derby) and I still don't have my first post for the month of May. So far two promises have been left unfulfilled, as the second half of my post on James (with a heavy debt owed to Elsa Tamez) and my treatment of Robert N. Wennberg's criticism of utilitarian approaches to animal ethics have never made it past the pre-writing stage.

We've had a good discussion on Exodus, and some theological issues which come out of our reading of it, which has been a delight. But, alas, most of my time this past week has been wasted fighting a migraine which has almost literally scrambled my brain. I can pull it together long enough to post a few comments, but I have been painfully unable to compose any new material.

Hopefully in the next week my inexplicable and inexcusable head will calm down long enough for me to catch up on my writing.


Brian Cubbage said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with the ol' gulliver, Sandman. I was wondering where you had been the last couple of days. Just take care of yourself; you don't owe the blogosphere, it owes you.

Paula said...

hmmm...i had this several times in the past and i hope to not have it again...i know how bad migraine you use Petadolex butterbur root extract (Petasites Hybridus)? may help.

Amy said...

take care and heal up!

Tyler Simons said...

Best wishes, man. I'm still trying to make it all the way through your Exodus post, so don't worry about not having posted anything new for a while.

Sandalstraps said...

Thanks to all. I'm improving, and can mostly function again. I should be writing again next week (I hope). Reading and writing are almost as necessary as eating and breathing!


I've never heard of that. I might have to try it. I'm just taking pain killers. They help the symptoms, but not the cause.

Paula said...

Chris, try plants(herbs) based remedies always before going for usual medication.I know a bit on this topic (I have studied as a biologist).Herbs are great to prevent and/or cure.I healed a chronic urinary infection with Uva Ursi after years of taking antibiotics at each 3-4 months.This plant for migraine (that i told you about) i did not try it but is popular here in Europe.I had few migraines years ago and I do not know why I do not have them anymore.
I hope you are fine now.