Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quick Update

If you're reading this then I'm sure you've already noticed, but I'll tell you this anyway:

I've updated the layout and format of this blog. Please note the newly redesigned (Cyber)Places to Go sidebar, which has conveniently been subdivided into several different categories. I've also added a new sidebar, Theology In/Of the Culture War, which contains links to my more theological/controversial posts. That way, if you're only interested in the theological, philosophical, ethical and historical arguments on hot button issues, you can skip straight to that stuff and ignore all the fluff.

On the subject of "I Still Need an Editor," or maybe "Proof That I've Always Needed an Editor":

While I was re-doing the (Cyber)Places to Go sidebar I decided to include links to the official websites of some of my favorite musicians. I've always loved the bizarre jazz pianist Chick Corea (note the spelling, as I didn't), so I wanted to include a link to his site. So, to see if he had a site, I decided to Google his name. I typed "Chick Correa," and got very excited (unduly excited!) to see that the very first hit was a paper which I wrote on Miles Davis for a History of African American Music course in college.

Why, you might ask, would the number one hit on Google for "Chick Correa" produce an obscure paper by yours truly? Simple. I evidently can't spell, but at least I'm consistent in my misspelling. Both in my paper and in my query to Google I spelled Chick Corea's name with two r's instead of one.

My favorite college professor used to say (I'm sure she still does, but I don't have to hear it anymore), "Sloppy editing looks like sloppy thinking." I hope that isn't true, because I am perpetually in need of a good editor. Any takers?

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