Monday, October 31, 2005

Glut, more or less

In a (cyber) world already full of way too much of this sort of thing, for the benefit of myself and the few others who will ever notice, I have decided to throw all shame to the wind and (semi) publish a blog.

The gluttony of material on the internet and in the blogging world reminds me a bit of a trip I took with a teenager. We were two hours (and already one stop) into a twelve hour trip. He had one hand digging through the contents of the largest bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos I am likely to ever see, while the other hand shoveled the junk masquerading as food into his mouth, which was so full that half-chewed chunks spit out of it as he asked, "When are we stopping for dinner? I'm hungry!"

It takes some real [insert appropriate trait here] to claim you're hungry while you stuff your face. It takes a similar mysterious something to claim that an already oversaturated culture needs what you have to offer. But here I am, by nature of my very existence, making such an audacious claim. Take it for what it is: an appeal to read what you want, and to get what you can out of what you read.

This site will contain my occaisionally updated blogs, which should walk that fine invisible line between the secular and the sacred. It is my hope that this place, my Sanctuary, will be a place where those two warring worlds meet and make some sort of peace.

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Brian Cubbage said...

World-historical importance is probably too high a standard to which to hold yourself, especially when it comes to blogging. Blogging is more like conversation-- good reason to promote it and get something started!